Thursday, April 21, 2016

Do You Need Springtime Furnace Service in Savannah?

No matter how accustomed we think we’ve become to freezing, snowy winters, once springtime rolls around, we always seem to fool ourselves into thinking that furnace repair in Savannah will no longer be needed.  The ice melts away, the winter boost and mittens are stored out of sight and we turn our minds away from everything that was vital to us over the last few months, from shoveling to snow tires and yes, furnaces.

However, aside from having to contact a company for furnace repair in Savannah, as long as your home heating was working, the odds are that you didn’t think about it too much over the winter and plan to think about it even less as spring turns into summer. 

That said, after the long frigid months, it’s very important to contact a good furnace service in Savannah in order to set up a solid maintenance plan.  That way, it will be all ready for use the next time the temperature starts to drop, and you’ll be able to avoid potentially expensive repairs.

What should be included in your springtime furnace maintenance?

  1. Replace the air filter – while you might be tempted to wait until the end of the fall to worry about replacing your air filter, you’ll thank yourself if you do it at the end of the winter so you don’t have to worry about it when the temperature starts to drop again.  It also means that you won’t forget to buy replacements and end up using a dirty filter for the first part of your next winter. A clean filter means your furnace will be able to work at its most effective level as adequate air flow will be possible.  It will also make sure cleaned air is being sent back into your home.
  2. Clean the furnace – dirt can not only reduce the efficiency of your furnace but it may also cause damage to the unit.  The motor, blower and other moving parts can all benefit from a proper cleaning.
  3. Lubricate if needed – while some furnaces are permanently lubricated, others have ports in which oil needs to be topped up every year with a non-detergent type of oil. Only two or three drops are needed. Over-lubrication should be avoided.
  4. Adjust or replace the belt – belts often need to be adjusted or replaced at the end of the winter.  Excessive wear is easy to spot as it leads to visible weak spots, fraying and rough edges.
  5. Inspect your ducts – once the temperatures are warm again, it’s the perfect time to inspect the ductwork throughout your home, particularly when it comes to colder locations such as unfinished basements and attics.  Perform a visual inspection of all seams, looking for any damage or parts that are coming apart. Keeping them sealed will keep your heating bill at its lowest.

 So now that you know what you need to do, you should consider calling Westberry Heating & Ventilation for your Savannah furnace service and repair.